Things To Ask Before You Buy Land

When you buy land, whether in Texas to get a nice summer home, or grab some land for sale in southern indiana to hide from your responsibility every once in a while, always be smart and ask a few key questions before you sign that deed.

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Asking the right questions could save you some real trouble later.

What do the taxes look like?

It never hurts to ask to save a little money, as most land qualifies for tax breaks and other money savers, or could be potential money pits. Asking about the finances to the original owner will save you a ton of surprises when tax season comes out.

Can I use Wi-Fi and electricity everywhere?

Most large pieces of land have a strong Wi-Fi signal at the house or barn, but that signal gets weaker the farther you go away from the buildings and enter a dead zone. Having knowledge of where and how you are connected is always a good thing.

Are the boundaries clearly marked?

Planting, hunting, or trespassing on a neighbor’s land can get you in some legal trouble (or at least make your neighbor mad) so ensuring that you know where the borders are on any non-fenced in land can keep you out of trouble.

Are there any hazards?

Knowing if a property is prone to fires, floods, runoff, or contamination can help keep you and the land safe. Understanding what threats there are and what you are supposed to do to keep yourself safe from those threats is one of the highest priorities.


Be sure to use common sense and make sure you are satisfied with the answers to the questions in order to understand the most about the land you are buying, then sign the deed with confidence!